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Steal Her Style: How to Get the Celebrity Look for Less

Walking the red carpet and seeing the latest in designer fashion isn’t just for the rich and famous. Everyone has the opportunity to dress as if they’re at a Hollywood premiere if they shop smart. Don’t be intimidated by the luxurious and expensive dresses seen on celebrities — you can still get the same look for less with just a few easy tips. In this article, let’s look at how to get that celebrity style on a budget.

1. Steal Celebrity Style for Less

Want to rock a red carpet-ready ensemble on a budget? Now you can by stealing celebrity style for less! Here’s how.

  • Find affordable dupes – Don’t spend your life savings to rock Kate Middleton’s timeless diamond studs. Shop online for a similar, much more affordable option. Check out websites like Amazon or Ebay for cheap look-alikes.
  • Shop the sales racks – Luxury items can break the bank, but perfect dupes are sometimes found on the sales rack. Keep a keen eye out for deals on high-end fashion pieces. Shopping the clearance rack is a win-win for both fashion and your budget.
  • Recycle to reinvent – Instead of buying new pieces, hit the thrift shop and upcycle older garments to recreate celebrity wears. With stock changing daily, vintage stores are a gold mine for unique and affordable fashion.

The street style trends flaunted by celebrities don’t have to be exclusive. Go online, thrift shop, or get creative and customize unique pieces for yourself. Make the look your own and rock it proudly – you’ve officially ‘stolen’ celeb style without breaking the bank.

2. Break Down the Look Piece by Piece

Now let’s dig deep and have a look at how we can break the look down into its individual pieces.

Start with the Foundation. The key to a successful look is to start with the right foundation. To create a perfect base, make sure to prep the skin with a hydrating primer and layer on your fave foundation. A gentle sweep of concealer, a few dabs of creamy blush and a tad of setting powder will help your base last through the day.

Pick the Right Accessories. To give your look an elegant touch, consider adding accessories such as earrings, a necklace, rings, and bracelets. Matching your jewelry with your outfit will create an eye-catching and cohesive style. Don’t forget to grab a statement bag to store your essentials.

Choose Your Face Touches . Bring out your facial features with highlighter, blush and bronzer. You can accentuate your eyes with eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner or false lashes. Finally, add some color or definition to your lips with a lip-gloss, lipstick, or by creating an ombre lip.

Now for the Hair and Makeup Finale. Make sure to create a unique beauty look by playing around with different makeup techniques. Experiment with hair colors and hair styles; from half-up-dos to sleek and subtle straight styles. Add some flair to your look with a trendy braid, waves, or curls.

3. Create Statement Pieces on a Budget

Creating an entirely new look does not have to come with a hefty price tag. Working with a limited budget can be a great way to get creative and find unexpected pieces for your wardrobe. Here are three creative routes to sprucing up your look on a budget:

  • For a unique twist, make use of creative fabric dyeing techniques. You can transform items you already own, with a big impact without spending much money. Tie-dye is a great old-time classic, or try a more refined shibori technique.
  • Visit flea markets or thrift stores to find hidden gems. Spend some time randomly browsing to get inspired, and find some timeworn pieces that still have a lot to offer. With some imagination and simple DIY techniques, you can have a statement piece for a fraction of the cost.
  • Make use of upcycling opportunities. This involves finding or collecting discarded objects and re-purposing them into stylish items for your closet. Think of changing the hue of an old accessory for a modern update, or repurposing old clothes into a new garment with added embellishments.

You can always take a more creative route if your budget is tight. From an investment piece that looks more expensive than it is, to a one-of-a-kind statement item, you can definitely make a dramatic fashion impact without spending a fortune.

4. Save Money While Still Looking Chic!

Style Can Be Authentic Without Breaking The Bank

When it comes to looking fashionable, there’s no need to sacrifice your budget. With a bit of creativity, you can still look great without draining your wallet. Here are some tips to help you save money while still appearing chic:

  • Utilize secondhand stores. You can often find pieces that are in great condition and not beyond your budget when you shop resale. Shopping used doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style; you can find some truly unique items in vintage stores.
  • Swap clothes with your friends. Invite your besties over and host a clothing swap party. Enjoy some snacks while trying on each others’ outfits, and all you have to do is let go of a few pieces from your wardrobe in exchange for some fabulous new looks.
  • Make it a DIY project. Instead of buying an entire new outfit, create a stylish one out of items you already have. It can be as easy as combining different pieces in unusual ways, or doing a bit of sewing and adding your own special touches.
  • Be mindful of brands. Research which brands offer items that match your style without necessarily costing an arm and a leg. Hefty prices don’t always mean a higher-quality item, so pay close attention to the materials, fit, and construction.

Creating amazing outfits doesn’t have to empty your wallet. By taking a little extra time to think outside the box, you can still look great while shopping on a budget.

Whether you’re a fashionista or a beginner, this guide to steal her style is sure to help you get the celebrity look for less. From researching trends and finding inspiration, to experimenting with what works best for you and your wallet, you’re sure to gain some fashion knowledge along the way. Happy styling!


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